The City of Night Series

In the City of Night, where wild magic runs rampant and four warring factions fight for power over it, the Lord of Night is the feared and reviled leader of the city, part demon, part vampire. When Zara infiltrates his palace to enact her plot for vengeance, she slowly comes to learn that everything she thought she knew about her enemy is a lie. But the secret she’s kept her whole life is the most treacherous of all...

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The Raven Society Series

The Raven Society features witches around the world and the different paranormal hotties they pair up with. Magic, mystery, danger, and always an HEA. Second-chance, enemies-to-lovers, very steamy paranormal romance. Author note: each book features a different couple, so they don't have to be read in order, though they are strongly interconnected so it's recommended. Characters from the early books have cameos in the later books, and there's a connected overall plot between the books.

Content warning: explicit, smoking-hot sex scenes, naughty language, and a dragon’s lair full of danger and secrets! Intended for mature audiences.

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